A few years ago, Cawlin and Chelsee challenged themselves to listen to one new album every day for a month. We (and by we, I mean a random collection of people on the Internet) all loved the idea and participated as well. It’s been a great way to catch up on tunes that I’ve missed over the year and discover stuff I hadn’t heard of through the #monm hashtag. It isn’t easy, especially as in the past, we did it in December. This year, we’re bumping it up a month and declaring Novmber as Month of New Music. Here are my Top 5 tips to make sure your month is successful:

5. Decide whether you are doing every single day, or just Monday to Friday – once you commit, you gotta get it done. However, I think the rules are pretty lax, so if you have to listen to two albums in one day, go for it.

4. Mix it up. The idea of brushing up on one style of music is appealing in theory only. You’ll get sick of it around day 5. My plan is to mix it up with some oldies that I’ve never gotten around to, some new stuff and some current (within the last year) stuff that I can’t believe I haven’t listened to yet.

3. Post, post, post! Share your thoughts on each album you listen to! What you liked, what stunk, and what will go on heavy rotation. If there’s a stand-out track and the rest of the album is vanilla, save other people the trouble and let them know what it is. Also, summarize everything at the end of the month. What worked, what didn’t, what you’ll do next year and most importantly, a super sweet playlist of all your new favorite tracks.

2. Follow the hashtag. Music discovery is the best part of #monm. Most people that do it have really great taste in music, take advantage of that and find out what they are listening to. You’ll get the low down on even more new music than just the albums you are listening to.

1. Start planning now. Being busy is nice. It means you get paid. However, it also means you won’t have too much time to organize yourself every day. If you think you can work, choose an album every day, download it, listen to it and review it, you are wrong. Don’t be wrong, be right!