Yep, I’m going meta, at the suggestion of @ronpiovesan (he’s smart, btw, you should follow him). I’ve hit writer’s block for the blog (professional hazzard when you spend most of your time writing for people — I imagine Jamie Oliver never cooks at home) and turned to Twitter for some suggestions. If you have other suggestions, or would like to chime in with which post you’d like to see first, I’d love comments, suggestions or emails from you!

5. The most interesting suggestions came from @bailingbucket, who suggested everything from top 5 cat names, to lego themes, to shoe makers (this one sounded cool until he cited Clarks…). 

4. Alternate uses for Ugg(ly) boots. @sherrett suggested this and it pretty much needs to happen. Let’s get serious, they shouldn’t be worn as footwear, this post is for the good of humanity. 

3. Top 5 movies to watch when you are sad/happy. I like suggestions that are actually two posts, not one. This one is from @rjmcleod, who also suggested top 5 things to do on a Sunday. Ladies, he’s a romantic. Snatch that boy up. 

2. Top 5 cheeses and wines to go with them. This is a suggestion from my friend Laura, who isn’t on the Internet because she teaches underpriveledged third graders. As you can imagine, the temptation to post ridiculous things underpriveledged third graders say is too great for any human. Therefore, she is not on Twitter.

1.  A top 5 of top 5 lists. The penultimate list? Why @I_Q, that’s is brilliant! Thanks for the suggestion.