I enjoy making top 5 lists because they are so subjective. I like having an opinion and sharing it, to spark discussion and see how often I’m persuaded to change that opinion. To that end, the best top 5 lists are usually ones that have no clear answer or ones where personal experiences might drastically change what someone else might rank first. Here are my favourite things to write about:

5. Films. So many, so much to say… It’s easy to write about a films plot, characters, actors, shelf life, cult status, mistakes, quotes, costumes, soundtrack; the list is never ending.

4. Advice. I don’t often give advice that I’ve come up with, but I do enjoy sharing advice that others have given me. I love to worry, and people love to give advice to worriers. The least I can do is share that with strangers on the Internet.

3. Websites. I like grouping websites together by theme and sharing them. The fashion websites I visit every day, startups I can’t live without and my favourite blogs are all worthy of a list or two.

2. Restaurants. So much goes into the ranking restaurants experience; it’s a constant source of list-y goodness. It’s more than just food, it’s I mean, it’s pretty hard to argue that dark chocolate ranks above green beans, but what if you have delicious, garlicky green beans in the most beautiful Italian restaurant surrounded by great wine and a personable waiter?

1. Music. It’s often said that we critique in others what we see in ourselves. When you write about music, I believe that you are sharing little pieces of yourself with the world. Before we all start holding hands, please note this probably sounds a little more touchy-feely than I mean it.

Top 5 lists are a snapshot of your opinions at a moment in time. Looking back, there are lists that I now completely disagree with. Is there anything you keep track of through lists?