I used to think that Canadians were shy about showing their pride for their country. I now think we just go about it in different ways. While our neighbors to the south love to show off their flag, we love to show off our country and our people. 

5. I can joke about lumberjack shirts, maple syrup, mounties, constant winter and Anne Murray but the truth is, I really like them. I joke about them because I’m not good at bragging about my country and think the self-deprecating thing is the way to go. This doesn’t mean I’m not proud of Canada or that I would prefer to live somewhere else. I can’t imagine being anything than Canadian.

4. I’m proud of (most of) the political decisions my country makes. Hello, Mayor Nenshi! I know we don’t have everything figured out, but as far as I know, no possible candidate for Prime Minister has a daughter on Dancing with the Stars. I want to keep this great feeling we currently have in Calgary around community and politics going and I want to celebrate what it means to live in this country that isn’t even 150 years old yet! 

3. I play the “he’s Canadian” game. Every time I see someone Canadian, I have to tell people that he or she is Canadian. I get teased about this, but it’s really just me being proud of my countrymen!

2. I am proud of the pioneers that came across Canada. Yes, we probably all descend from a line of vagrants and ne’er-do-wells that got kicked out of Europe, but all of those new Canadians survived Canadian Winters. With pretty much nothing but the clothes on their backs and some serious sweat equity. We come from hearty stock, there’s no doubt about it!

1. I am so proud of living in a country that is this incredibly beautiful. I love Travel Alberta’s website dedicated to sharing you “Goosebumps Moment” in Alberta. I know I have two: Rowing on Lake Louise and seeing Lake O’Hara for the first time. Americans get choked up when they see monuments to their founding fathers, we get choked up at a beautiful sunrise over the mountains, or fall leaves surrounding a lake. 

I really didn’t do any research on how Canadians are uniquely patriotic, this is just how I feel. If you disagree, or have something else you are proud of, please share!