Well, this HAD to follow the 2 previous posts

5. Try not to yawn. I know it happens to everyone, you probably stayed out too late last night or whatever, but it is hard not to take it personally. 

4. Don’t be loud. Is this one too obvious? You’d think.

3. Give feedback post-session/conference. Organizers like hearing what’ll make you more/less likely to fork over cash next time. Don’t be shy (but hold off on being a jerk – just be honest).

2. Ask questions that solicit great answers from the speaker(s). Don’t ask specific questions about your situation – those are offline discussions. Corner the speaker later (but at least buy them a drink while you are looking for free advice).

1. This is not the platform to solicit funding for your company. No one cares about you. If they did, you’d be on the panel. Ask a smart question or sit down. Those are your only 2 options.