Yeah, this post kind of goes with yesterday’s post about being a good moderator.

5. uhhh… know what you are talking about. Know what the panel is about, be good at pitching your company, know your other panelists, know what their companies do. You should probably check the news that morning so you know about any catastrophic events, too.

4. Give us blogger-type people a hand. Come prepared with at least 5 awesome lines of wisdom to drop. You’ll probably be able to use at least one of them. Quotable gems don’t just happen magically, you know.

3. BUT WAIT! Listen to the conversation. Make sure all your pre-planned genius fits the talk. If it doesn’t, take 2 minutes and think of something that does. There is nothing worse than the numpty that’s still on topic A when everyone else is on topic K…

2. Don’t think, “How can I sell these people?” think, “How can I help these people?” Trust me, you’ll make more friends this way.

1. Be yourself. Unless you have no personality or you are a total chump 🙁 People don’t pay to listen to facts, they can read those online, they pay to listen to you.


Tomorrow… how to be a great audience? All signs point to yes.