Leveling up isn’t just for the ladies. Dudes can man up, too! Here are my Top 5 suggestions on how boys can man up:

5. Aim for quality, not quantity. Figuring out what you like in a woman by ‘dating’ (ahem) every girl you can is fine when you’re younger, but when you want to be a man, aim high. I’m not suggesting every girl you date needs to be someone you’ll take home to your mother, but if you *wouldn’t* take her home to your mother, is she really worth the challenge?

4. Figure out how to tie a tie, why there are different types of collars, basic rules around brown shoes and own a suit. Don’t use “cannot afford” or “not comfortable” as an excuse. Find a local menswear store that you’ll go back to over the course of your life. They’ll help you figure out your style without you ever having to step foot in a mall 🙂

3. Read Emily Post front-to-back-to-front. Manners aren’t just for impressing moms, they’re real social lubricant (booze is fake social lubricant). Knowing how to act in a variety of situations is empowering. Guys that are well-mannered with ease exude a confidence that appeals to both women and men.

2. Have a go-to drink. No, the world isn’t about drinking, but sometimes events are. Sure, you can always order a beer, but knowing your scotch, mixing a great martini and not panicking when faced with a wine list are skills that others appreciate.

1. Take care of the people around you. Use your strength, knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others – your family, your friends, a stranger. That self-absorbed thing is what boys are made of.

I”m sure people have written far better “How to be a man” lists than this. I suppose you should know your power tools, be fiercely loyal and believe with all your heart you have what it takes to be an international spy/assassin if your country needed you. However, these were just the first fives things that came to me. It would be great if some guys made their own and posted a link in the comment below.