Sooner or later, we all kind of want to be women instead of girls, just ask Britney Spears. Along my lo-oo-ong journey into adulthood, people have given me some pretty solid advice about this. I’ve listened to some. I’ve learned some stuff the hard way. Here are some of my superficial favorites, without getting into too much personal growth. Take ‘em or leave ‘em – it’s just a top 5 list:

5. Ditch the cosmopolitans and anything involving Sour Puss. Both are acceptable for girls in college looking to get drunk, not for adults. Find something that you enjoy drinking that doesn’t involve mix. If you honestly can’t, I suggest not drinking. Why would you consume something you don’t like the taste of?

4. Carrying an overpriced handbag covered in logos usually means you haven’t figured out your own style. Stop coveting items like this. There is nothing wrong with an expensive purse/shoe habit, but if you have the spare cash kicking around to indulge it, go for unique, quality items that build your personal brand, instead of hiding behind a label.

3. Be kind, not nice. There’s a difference. Nice girls keep the peace, play the part and want to please everyone. Kind women are compassionate, empathetic and helpful. Being nice is easy, but it just makes you a pushover. Being kind takes effort and you often get nothing in return, but trust me, it’ll take you everywhere.

2. Have a superhero set of skills in your back pocket. We’re not all good at everything, but we’re all good at something. Build up your repertoire as you figure out what you love to do. Whether it’s baking cookies, fixing cars, being a knitting queen or building empires, being excellent is hot.

1. Take care of yourself, in every way you can.

So I just like writing top 5 lists, but this is important if you’re looking to woman up: Define what being a woman means to you. It is easier to become a woman if you have a clear idea of what that means. Also, keep in mind that you should aim to progress towards this definition, not perfect it. Sooner or later, maybe I’ll get to the more important Top 5 ways to be a woman, serious edition. I think I’m still figuring that out though.