There’s not much to say about this list, other than I really enjoy reading all five of these websites. They aren’t breaking news websites, staying up-to-date on what’s going on in the world is a separate top 5 list.  These website just produce content that I think makes me smarter…or at least not bored. 

5. The Mark News – Curated, crowdsourced news and opinions. 

4. – I read it for the articles by Chuck Klosterman, even if they are about sports. 

3a. The Awl – Their Twitter profile reads: Be not Bored! It’s working 

3b. Mental Floss – You don’t dominate at Quiz night just by thinking about it. 

2. GigaOm – Geek + Quality Journalism.

1. Fast Company – Great interviews, great content. 

If you are reading this list and cannot believe I’ve left out your favorite website, please let me know.