I’ve never heard of this guy before. However, he is totally solving the problem of internet in India. Bypass it and go straight to text. 4 times the traffic of twitter.

Building philosophies of emergic innovations:

Bold and ambitious
Focus on local non-consumers
Simpler and cheaper
Limited legacy helps leapfrog

Overall pretty cool. Check out www.emergic.com
John Doerr – most important thing for new president: kick start innovation in energy. It is the challenge of our generation. 2 smaller points: we need more smart people. Did you know there’s only 30,000 engineers a year in the US? We need to double that. Also, we invest in foreign students then send them home. Staple a green card to their degree.

The mortgage crisis does not explain the current situation alone. He feels americans have lost faith.

Man! I wish I was smart/laid back like JD.

Why does the iPhone matter? Because they are personal.

Most exciting companies to the iPhone: MGmoko…I think. Founded by Neil Young (search on that) games company. Gaming could be the sleeper hit of the iPhone.

Looking for applications that are tailored to the iPhone platform.

Mentions zinga. Check it out. Also, cool iris. Media for the web. It solves the problem of too much stuff. Hot, Flat and Crowded – by Tom Freedman

Next up: Zappos! Focus on amazing customer service and repeat customers. The zappos culture book. Check it out. 10 committable core values. Zappos gives tours when you’re in Vegas! Do it!

Larry Lessig – Creative Commons interesting presentation. He’s a good speaker. I feel a bit like I’m being Michael Moored at by a slow talker.
Jerry Yang talked about how sometimes deals work…and sometimes they don’t! Lance armstrong was the closer this evening. He rocked. He is quite arrogant, but he owns it. I’m a fan. Will post more tomorrow,
No song lyrics o’ the day today…