I really appreciate people who are taking the time to post different content on different platforms. I don’t want to read what you ate for lunch on Twitter, FB and Google+. Syncing is for chumps. Since I don’t want to be a chump, I took a few minutes to sit down and figure out what I wanted to post on each. Here’s what I came up with:

Facebook – Pictures for my family and friends to see! Keeping track of friends and letting them know what’s going on in my life.

Twitter – Daily observations, quick shares and in-the-moment discussions. If I’m going to drop an eff-bomb, or tell you how much I love something, it’ll probably be on here. Also, Unicorns.

Google+ – Interesting articles or funny stuff about the Internet. I’d love to use Google+ to make me smarter. 

LinkedIn – Is it work related? Will someone see it and think more of me (and hiring me) because I posted it? If not, it has no place on LinkedIn. 

I’ve set this as a rough guideline for myself. I imagine I’ll link to blog posts I write on multiple platforms and possibly share music in different places: Is it my favorite band? Facebook. Is it the coolest video? Google+. Is it what I’m listening to right now? Twitter.

Have you thought about how you share? Would love to read what you think.