Mark Morford, Exploding your Emotional Bandwith: “What an odd, charged, fascinating moment, this space of not knowing. It forces us to isolate the emotional toll into pure feeling, pure shared humanity, divorced of social or geopolitical wedge.” Less a post about Boston, more about how we are emotionally ill-equipped to deal with tragedy in the age of Twitter.


flw Use these Frank Lloyd Wright Letterheady examples as inspiration to make your own letterhead. Then send a letter to someone you love, or just have some seriously badass letterhead for any of your business correspondence needs.



Robin Thicke ft T.I. and Pharrell, Blurred Lines. If this doesn’t make you feel like Summer, I don’t know what would.


Mommyjacking” def: When moms use a random Facebook post as an opportunity to brag about their child. We all know this person. Don’t be this person.



Beretta’s Pamplemousse Gin, Grapefruit, St Germain and Basil – I dream about this cocktail, years after having it one year on Jasmine Palardy‘s birthday. It is the perfect brunch drink and the perfect summer afternoon sipper.