Dear Team,

Whenever I encounter something strange while travelling, I inevitably hear the calming voice of my best friend saying, “not weird, just different.” She know what she is talking about, having lived all over the globe and takes in differences in culture with a grace and style that I can only dream of.


That being said, no matter how different things are, there are a certain number of things you can count on when abroad. For example, I’ve never been lost in an airport, I love the familiar fizz of Coca-Cola on my tongue and of course, the smile and laugh when someone realizes you are trying ever-so-hard to communicate, but cannot speak the language.


It makes me wonder, why are some of us obsessed with travel? This mix of seeking different while seeking same? Why is it when more than a month or two goes by, my feet itch and I long to once again wheel out my little carry-on and the awkward, hard shampoo I only use if a trip through security is required? Is it dissatisfaction or unhappiness? I hope its something with less discord. A sense of wonder and curiosity? Last year’s existential crisis aside (let’s not bring that up), I like to think that I’m quite happy…


My mother once said, “you’ve been here before, but you must look out the window, I promise you these mountains never look the same way twice.” It sounded rubbish at the time, but I believed it and still do. There is nothing more beautiful than climbing up to see the sunlight hit the icy blue water of a mountain lake. Or turning one more corner in a museum to unearth a hidden painting that one can briefly pretend is secret treasure.


My parents carted our family all over as a child, never wasting a Saturday, always driving to Cathedrals, castles and museums. “I’ve seen enough.” my brother says, now happy to be at home. He says his travelling days are done and prefers the company of his friends in the comfort of his own home to dingy hotels and back-aching plane rides.


I envy him, but remain a wanderer at heart. There’s nothing I love more than being in yet another city, drinking a coffee and watching the world go by.