So much for my plan of posting every Thursday. Nobody likes a whiner, so instead of complaining about how busy I’ve been, I’ll just pretend like nothing happened and continue posting as often as I can.


What is digital strategy, anyway? Here’s a great slide deck on Digital Strategy 101 from Bud Caddell’s really good blog, What Consumes Me. Keep clicking through and learn your face off.


A remix project based on Bowie songs? Yeah, you know you need to listen to all of the I Heart Bowie Project, right now.


Michael’s cousin’s cousin (did you follow that?) works at Babble and posted this article on Caveman Parenting (I didn’t know what it was either) a few days ago. I thought it was a great read and reminder that we are all constantly adapting to our current environments. The idea that we should be parenting, or eating, or exercising like our ancestors doesn’t really make sense for who we are today.  If you like that, give her a follow – Andrea posts smart stuff (mostly parent focused though) all the time. 


What’s your favorite video on the beach song?

Madonna – Cherish – A classic, I’ve been trying to perfect that sassy shoulder shrug move for years.

Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do Without You – I still want that outfit, high waisted jeans and all. This may be a loose interpretation of beach, as I don’t actually see water in the video, but I say it still counts.

Coldplay – Yellow – Jolly Old England, isn’t it? Who’s kidding who? I’m from Canada, this is what my normal beach experience looks like as well.