Once a year, Tourism Calgary presents the Calgary White Hat Awards – a celebration of hospitality in our city. This is a chance to pay tribute to the unsung heroes that make your day a little brighter and a little nicer. Apparently, it is one of the most fun events of the year. Larger hotels get dressed up as a group, to go cheer on their nominated employees and everyone gets really into the event. This year, To help you think of the perfect Calgarian to nominate, I’ve started a list of people that you might know:

5. You stop at the same place for coffee every day and the barista there knows exactly how you like your latte. Always ready with a smile for your morning (or a helpful tip when you’ve got lipstick on your teeth and your hair is sticking up), this person helps set your day up for success.

4. You have a favourite restaurant where the waiter feels more like an old friend. You chat about your weekend plans, the waiter is aware of your hatred of green beans and dining there beats cooking at home.

3. You consistently lose your dry cleaning tag and the dry cleaner still lets you pick up your clothes. Buttons are sewn back on and hems are fixed without you even asking.

2. You look well put together thanks to your favourite local men’s or women’s wear store. When you walk into the store, they know your size, remember your favourite colour and aren’t afraid to tell you when something isn’t flattering or you need to go up a size. You owe this person immeasurably for helping you create a good first impression.

1. You volunteer somewhere and each week, you see the same volunteer reading to blind children, cleaning the bathrooms and knitting hats for the homeless. Um, yeah…this person should be thanked by the entire community. Help us figure out who those people are.

I’d be surprised if there isn’t someone in the service industry that doesn’t brighten your day every time you see them. Take a moment to say thanks and ensure they get included when Calgary recognizes those who help make this city a great place to be.