Ok, perhaps I should have known better, this is true…but you start thinking, “but it has Better Midler in it, she can sing! AND Annette Bening, whoa, remember all those good movies she was in! AND Eva Mendes, she’s hot!  …and it is more about the company than the movie, I’ll watch whatever. How bad could it possibly be?” 

Apocalypse bad. Seriously.

Top 5 good moments

5. The nanny staring at Meg Ryan in disbelief as she eats…butter. Best acting of the whole movie.

4. The preview with Vince Vaughn in it. It might be true, he might only be able to play one character, but gosh darn it, I sure find it funny.

3. J P-S playing a lesbian. You don’t say.

2. Staring at the only guy in the theater.

1. Waters passing around her bag of bite sized Skor bars

Top 5 bad moments

5. Sweet mother of pearl, the whole thing.

4. Frumpy clothes in a movie about wildly successful women (at least two IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY) in New York. Cool clothes would have at least made this mildly interesting to look at.

3. Debra Messing giving birth. Really? This is supposed to be a movie about “real” women and you give it the glossy hilarious treatment? Painfully lame.

2. Reducing every female to the most tired and over-used cultural cliches

1. Sweet mother of pearl, the whole thing.


I think this might have to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I am not being melodramatic.